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Ever wondered why nobody’s listening?


I mean, you’ve written loads of posts, sent hundreds if not thousands of emails…

And yet the phone isn’t ringing and the inbox is empty.

What gives?

You’re Stressing Features, Not Benefits

This is, without doubt, the most common of content and copywriting errors.

You sell a great product or service…

You know your industry inside out…

And you really want your customers to know just how great you and your product actually is.

So you do what everyone does: You list the benefits of your company; your experience, your service levels, your ethos and your fantastic team.

Guess what?

Your customer simply doesn’t give a damn!!!

And why should they?

They have a problem to solve, and they couldn’t care less about… your recent expansion, your new member of the team, your trendy office or your updated product.

They simply want their problem solved.

Product, service or consultation…they want to understand how you can help them and how easy the transaction will be.

How to Actually Start Converting Your Prospects

Features are the contents or characteristics of your product.

Benefits are what your product will do for your prospect.

By getting your prospects emotionally engaged with the benefits of your product, you are more likely to make a sale.

That’s not to say that features don’t have their place in advertising; sales of niche, high-tech products are very dependent on new and improved features.

But, even these types of products are more effectively marketed if the features follow copy with strong emotional appeal.


It may seem a strange analogy at first…

But it’s one that perfectly illustrates the difference between features and benefits.

Imagine for a moment that you were a member of a dating site and you were contacted by two anonymous suitors…

How (without accompanying photos) would you decide which potential date would be the better fit?

Consider these 2 imaginary dating website profiles, one listing features and other portraying benefits…

Age: 40
Height: 5ft 5in
Likes: Walking, Gym, Reading, Watching Television, Socialising

Age: 40
Height: 5ft 5in
Likes: I love the outdoors and would really like some great company to share lazy weekend walks.
I try to keep in shape and enjoy going to the gym but I’m sometimes a little bit lazy…Can you whip me into shape?
Reading is something I should make more time for and I find a good book can be just what’s needed to stir new thoughts and dreams.
But, now and again, curling up on the sofa with a good glass of wine and a gripping series is just what the doctor ordered.
Unless I’m hitting the town that is.
Fancy joining me?


I’m guessing you’ve already decided which is the more attractive profile?

Alex T

Alex is the managing director of Breakline Ltd. He writes often on the blog and he'll be the one you will talk to if you need help with any of our services.